La Industria

La Industria International discipleship and leadership course is about helping people reach their potential, live God fuelled successful lives and impact the world.

Start an adventure for a lifetime

11 week discipleship and leadership course in English based in Santander, Spain.

A lot of people struggle to know what is their God-given purpose and how to walk in it. “La Industria International” course helps people from all over the world discover what God’s calling is and gives them the tools to help them be the best they can be for that purpose. 

La industria international course provides opportunities that inspire, challenge, teach, train and mentor people.

There will be a special focus on acquiring self-feeding disciplines, personal development, and growing in the character of a disciple. The second main focus is on the topics of church leadership, ministry, planting and growth.

Encounter God, establish your identity and explore your purpose. Kickstart your life long adventure today.

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Course Content

With three overarching themes of encounter, establish and explore the La Industria International course aims to help you discover what your purpose is and be equipped for the next steps in your journey with God.


We love the presence of God. During the course there will be many spaces for you to encounter God. Daily devotionals, prayer and worship times, seminars, travel, church, fellowship and mentoring are to name a few ways.


Through the great seminars and speakers the International discipleship program will help you establish and firm up your identity in Him. One to One and group mentoring times will change and encourage you to reach your full potential.


What does God want me to do? Where does God want me to go? No amount of great teaching or mentoring can take the place of hearing a word from God personally for your life. During the course there will be time for you to be just with Him and seek His face.

More information and details about the syllabus and daily schedule check out our syllabus page where you will find out topics of seminars and what a typical week looks like on the International Course. 

Where is the course based?

La Industria runs out of our training facilities in a little suburb about 10 minutes from Santander city center, Spain. During the International course, there will be opportunities to travel and see other parts of this beautiful country.

La Industria Santander

Santander. Photo by Willian Justen de Vasconcellos on Unsplash

Santander has a international airport and good internal connections to Madrid airport. The next closest airport is Bilbao International Airport.

When does the course start?

The course will be starting late September 2019 and will run through until mid December 2019. If you need be travelling a few days either side of those dates, we should be able to accommodate you, but please make sure that you make that known. 

The course is 78 days long and thus most people would be able to travel on with a tourist visa which is normally valid for 90 days. 

The flat fee for the course will be 2,100€ (roughly $2,400).
This includes all teaching, course materials and accommodation. 

We are estimating for (international) travel during the course there will be an additional 800€ (roughly $910).

Total for the course: 2,900€ (roughly $3,300).

This does not include your personal travel costs in getting to and from the course or other personal costs during the course.

What is the price of the course?