International Course Syllabus


11 weeks (78 days) coursed based in Santander with possibilities to travel across Spain and to other countries. The Course will be in English. Each student will have a personal mentor that will help, encourage and guide them through the course.

La Industria International course provides opportunities that inspire, challenge, teach, train and mentor. There will be emphasis’ on personal development, self-seeking/feeding, and church growth & planting.

Opportunities will be given for students to lead certain aspects of the course and to put into practice what they are learning. Such as preaching, leading devotionals, serving in local Church and programmes.

See an example of a weekly schedule for the course.

Delivery of course

The format and delivery of the La Industria International course will take many different forms such as:

  • Preachings
  • Seminars (see below)
  • Days out alone
  • Travel
  • Discussions/forums
  • Mentoring
  • Recommended Books
  • Devotionals
  • Personal development program
  • Meetings with leadership
  • Serving


This is an example of possible seminars covered in the course, subject to change.

Being a Disciple

Delivered by: Darren And Mariberta Kilford

  • Discover the difference between being a believer and a disciple
  • Learn 5 disciplines of being a disciple

Discover the Bible

Delivered by: Dennis Byler

  • The importance of God’s Word
  • How to read
  • How to study

Foundations of faith

Delivered by: Darren  Kilford

  • God is good
  • Jesus purchased everything
  •  Nothing is impossible
  • Significance

Who is God and how to seek Him

Delivered by: John Hill

  • Discover the Creator
  • Learn to seek the face of God and to recognise His voice

What is Revival

Delivered by: John Hill

  • Personal Revival
  • Culture of Revival
  • Kingdom come

God in the Market Place

Delivered by: Darren Kilford

  • God and Work Compatibility
  • Witnessing
  • God’s principles for business

Leaders Eat Last

Delivered by: Darren Kilford

  • What is means to be a leader
  • Growing your self
  • Servitude
  • Jesus’ example


Delivered by: John Hill

  • What is God’s model
  • Becoming the correct person
  • The value of family

Identity & Destiny

Delivered by: Peter & Mariett Stott

  • Identity based on God
  • Destiny in Jesus

Healing & Prophetic

Delivered by: Darren & Mariberta Kilford

  • Does God Heal?
  • What is the prophetic and how we can move in it.
  • The creative and prophetic working together

Finding your Calling

Delivered by: Darren Kilford

  • Why does God need you
  • Different callings
  • Discovering your calling


Delivered by: John Hill

  • The importance of the Church
  • Growing Church
  • Church Planting

Weekly schedule

This is an example of a weekly schedule, subject to change.


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