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La Industria is a lively Christian ministry based in the North coast of Spain. It was founded in 2002 by a team of missionaries led by John Hill, as a natural step after a decade impacting youth in Spain through youth events called “ContraCorriente”.

La Industria has been running an intensive discipleship program ever since, and also organizes short camps in the summertime. La Industria’s focus is to help young people encounter God in a personal way, establish a real relationship with Jesus as his disciples, and train them to serve specifically with gifts in music, arts, media and leadership.

The main program runs each year from October to July and it is aimed at people ages 18 to 25. The students take part in many classes, seminars, courses (including Hillsong College and Worship Central), and also prepare as a group at least two creative productions: one is a values based show which is taken to public high schools; the other is a worship/word/ministry event which is offered to churches in cities all around Spain. During the program students will usually participate in a special mission trip and will help in the summer camps.

How you can help

Frist. Please prayer us as a team, our students and the impact that we desire to see through our events and camps. That many would come to know Jesus for the first time and also many would deepen their relationship with Him. That we would see an awakening and a revival in Spain.

Second. You can participate with us in see our mission fulfilled by making a one time gift or regular financial donation.

To make a donation please visit our Help Support La Industria page.

About the team

La Industria is run by a team of missionaries and volunteers. Darren and Mariberta Kilford joined in 2007 and became directors in 2014. Jeff and Carolyn Anderson have been on the team from the very beginning. Aaron Lewis joined in 2014 and Anna Martínez in 2016. 

John Hill and his wife Marsela continue to be involved in “La Industria” but their focus has been more in the teams’ local church plant, from 2012. “Comunidad Cristiana Esencia”. La Industria is in many ways weaved into the church life, with many members involved in teaching, mentoring, counselling and simply providing community while the students take this year to be away from home and loved ones.

Some overseas links

There are many churches linked to “La Industria” and the team. “New Life Chicago” is the main one, as both the Andersons and the Hills are missionaries supported by them. “Esencia” as a church is an overseas New Life church plant. “Freedom Church Jersey” (U.K.) is the church covering and partly financially supporting Darren and Maria. Other churches involved in supporting the ministry and the team are: “Meadows Christian Fellowship” (Rolling Meadows, IL), “First Federated Church” (Des Moines, IA), “Portsdown Community Church” (U.K.), and "Amistad Cristiana" (Madrid, Spain). 


Impacting a nation

There are many stories of lives changed through the ministry of La Industria. 

Many who have first encountered Christ through the events. Many who have taken steps to radically follow Jesus as a disciple at the camps. Many healed, restored and trained through the intensive 9-month program.

Hundreds of young people are reached each year through the Christian events and thousands are impacted through the high school shows. 

Although La Industria functions thanks to volunteers and there is some income from the students, we rely on donations to cover expenses (mainly paying for the warehouse where the course takes place and the flats for the students). Every month and every year that goes by tells of the miraculous story of how God provides for all our needs.

If you would like to consider supporting La Industria there is a help support La Industria page here.

We are so thankful for your time reading about us. May God bless you greatly and display his goodness and power through your life. 

La Industria team